Public television once again tries to drive a wedge between Ukraine and her neighbors through the language issue – Moskal

The Concept of Broadcasting for National Minorities at the public broadcaster developed by the leadership of the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (NPBCU) and submitted for approval by the Supervisory Board of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Company proposes, at the first stage, to translate all programs for minorities into Ukrainian with subtitles in minority languages. And at the second stage – to shut down all minority studios and form the single broadcasting center for national minorities at the all-Ukrainian level, which will be producing TV and radio programs in the state language for the entire Ukraine.
 – I find it difficult to understand what is it that is wrong about the minorities studios in the system of the NPBCU (there are three regional broadcasters in Ukraine, which produce TV and radio programs in ten languages ​​of the national minorities), – Hennadiy Moskal says. – And why someone wants to, so to speak, reform them. I can not imagine how you can subtitle television programs in several languages ​​at once, or subtitle radio programs. However, as the head of Transcarpathian region, which is multinational, I will say straightforwardly – this "reformation" will once again lead to conflicts between Ukraine and her neighbors, first of all the members of the European Union. In addition, it directly contradicts Ukrainian legislation, in particular, the Constitution of Ukraine, which guarantees the free development, use and protection of languages ​​of national minorities, the Law "On the Principles of State Language Policy", the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, etc.

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