Public procurement of food for Beregovo hospital was monopolized by family members

Transcarpathian regional office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine initiated a case against Beregovo Central District Hospital (hereinafter – the Customer), due to signs of violation of the legislation on protection of economic competition in public procurement.

The Office found out that the Customer made the purchase of food for public funds (hereinafter – Bidding). The winner in all lots (there were more than 20 of them) was one and the same private entrepreneur.

During the investigation it was established that the offer of one of the bidders was rejected by the Customer as it did not meet the requirements of the tender documentation (lack of information on the availability of vehicles, freezer, etc.).

However, it should be noted that the bids of other bidders also did not comply with requirements of the tender documentation. In addition, three individual entrepreneurs who were competing with each other were related. Under such circumstances Beregovo Hospital should have rejected the bids submitted.

The investigation continues.

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