Public hearings on the installation of wind turbines on the Borzhava have begun in Volovets (PHOTOS)

On January 30, a report on the environmental impact of the construction of a wind power plant on the Borzhava will be presented in Volovets village council.

This was reported by journalist Tetyana Kohutych:

The hearings on the wind power plant in the Borzhava are starting now in Volovets. There are many activists, environmentalists, representatives of the local tourist industry and local residents, also two buses of people in military uniforms.  
There are a lot of people, the hall is small, everyone is a bit tense. They are showing promotional videos. In short, we are listening to the arguments for and against the project. We’ll tell you everything soon.

The discussions over the construction of the WPP on the Borzhava mountain ridge have been going on for a long time, because it involves the installation of 34 wind generators, as well as a number of facilities for maintenance. Environmentalists and scientists claim that this construction will cause landslides, erosion and changes in the water system of the region.


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