Public control: Uzhgorod residents serve the police violators of traffic rules “on a silver platter” (PHOTOS)

Uzhgorod resident Oleksiy Duma posted in his Facebook profile a proof of the gross violation of traffic rules. Two drivers parked right on a pedestrian crossing in the city center. 

"Friends, – Oleksiy says. – We need to know our "heroes" by sight, ie by license plates. When our "heroes" park on a pedestrian crossing, all the others have to squeeze between their cars. And women with strollers can not cross the street at all! Meanwhile, our "heroes" bask on the terrace in the sun, sipping coffee and doing their things.

I understand that in the center there is not enough space for parking, so walk a little, your feet will not fall off. Even if you have no conscience, the traffic rules are still in force! And this is just the beginning of spring, what to expect next?

Photographed on April 19, at 15.00 on Koryatovich square, Uzhgorod.

P.S. Now I am going to regularly post the pictures of our "heroes." Let the city know!"


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