Prosecutors explained what slows down the investigation of arsons

Today, April 24, at the prosecutor’s office there was the interdepartmental meeting of heads of regional law enforcement agencies, where they discussed the state of detection and investigation of criminal offenses related to intentional damage to property by fire, and those against the life and health of policemen and judges.

The meeting, which was chaired by the Regional Prosecutor Anatoly Petrunya, was attended by the Head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Ivan Baloha, Vice-Chairman – the Chief of Staff of the regional state administration Anton Hromovy, heads of regional law enforcement agencies, deputy prosecutors, heads of departments of the regional prosecutor’s office and regional prosecutors.

The first deputy prosecutor Andriy Bakay in his report said: "The prosecutor’s office and the police have taken a number of measures in this area of ​​work. A number of coordination and inter-agency meetings have been held. The measures that would facilitate the detection of such offenses have been developed. However, it has not given proper results – the number of criminal proceedings solved and submitted to the court is still quite low."

Also, presentations were made by the Deputy Chief of the Office of the Ministry Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region Serhiy Rossokha, the head of Uzhgorod city police department Yevhen Kalytych and the head of Mukachevo city police department Vasyl Shvenda who provided an explanation of reasons for low number of solved crimes and their vision to improve the situation in the future. In particular, among other things, that "hamper" the investigation of such crimes is a lack of witnesses (most crimes are committed at night), inexperienced young professionals carrying out the investigation, and so on.  However, they assured that through joint coordinated actions in the near future the situation would be corrected, because there is some progress in this regard.

At the discussion they developed a number of coordinated measures that would increase the efficiency of the fight against crime.

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