Prosecutors control the investigation into the construction on Belinsky street

Residents of the house No. 13, on Belinsky street, appealed to the Uzhgorod city prosecutors about an unlawful construction under their windows. Based on Part 1 of Art. 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On Prosecutor’s Office", the residents’ appeal was referred to the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region and State Agricultural Inspectorate in Transcarpathian region to conduct appropriate checks.

As of now, it has been established that by the decision of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council of 2010, the company was granted the permission for permanent installation of a hardscaping element on Belinsky street, which had been previously agreed by the chief architect of Uzhgorod. In December last year, by the decision of Uzhgorod City Council this company was given the permission to enter into a short-term contract of servitude land use for the installation and maintenance of temporary facilities.The progress of the check is under the control of the prosecution, following the results of the check the appropriate measures will be taken and the actions of regulatory agencies will be assessed.

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