Prosecutors appealed the despoilment of the Mukachevo Park

In November 2012, the prosecution of Mukachevo together with the State agricultural inspection in the Transcarpathian region verified the compliance with the requirements of land legislation by Mukachevo City Council. According to the prosecutor of the city of Mukachevo Ruslan Bilovar, the inspection revealed that two plots of land in Mukachevo in area of ​​0.1 ha each, granted to private ownership by decisions of the sessions of Mukachevo City Council, are located in the city center and in the coastal windbreak of the Latorica River (in the public ​​green space area). Therefore, the City Council adopted decisions contrary to the Constitution and the Land Code of Ukraine.According to the results of the inspection, in December 2012, the Prosecutor’s Office filed with the Mukachevo district court two claims on the invalidation of the above decisions of the City Council, and the return of illegally allocated land. Total regulatory monetary valuation of land to be returned under the city prosecutor’s claims is about 600 thousand hryvnias. Currently, the cases are pending trial.

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