Prosecutor’s office wants to bring Nahirnyy to court forcedly and asked border guards not to release him from Ukraine

Prosecutor’s office is seeking the court to bring Nahirnyy to the court forcedly and submitted relevant information to State Border Guarding Service to prevent him from going abroad.

Khust interdistrict prosecutor submitted a petition to the District Court of Khust to receive a permission to arrest the defendant (Nahirnyy) in order to bring him to the hearing (st.188 of CCU on Application for permission to arrest with the aim to bring to liability).

Also, the prosecutor instructed the law enforcement agencies to establish the location of Nahirnyy and ensure his forced attendance of the trial to be held on March 28.

Earlier Khust interregional prosecutor’s office sent requests to all medical institutions (like Beregovo psychiatric hospital) for possible medical treatment of the person. Responses are still not returned.

Moreover, Khust interdistrict prosecutor has forwarded information about Nahirnyy to State Border Guraading Service to prevent his going abroad.

"Our position is principal: Pavlo Nahirnyy shall not avoid liability, and prosecution is taking all the measures to ensure his presence at trial" – said Khust interdistrict prosecutor Ivan Kaylo.

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