Prosecution: the unidentified man who beat the deputy of mayor Chop faces 200 hours of community service

Uzhgorod Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office secured the control over the course of the preliminary investigation of criminal proceedings initiated by Uzhgorod district police department in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine over the attack on the Chop deputy mayor.

According to Uzhgorod interdistrict prosecutor Ivan Tsar, on March 7, Uzhgorod district police department was reported that an unknown man had beaten the Chop deputy mayor near the house, where she lives. The attacker first struck her in the face, which made her fall to the floor, and then inflicted several kicks to the body and fled the scene.

As the victim later reported, over the last week she had seen the man several times near her house. The said person is about 25 years old, about 175 – 178 cm tall, athletically built, on his head he was wearing a hood, partially concealing his face.

The victim was taken by ambulance to the regional hospital of Uzhgorod for medical aid and examination.

March 7, Uzhgorod district police department in Transcarpathian region entered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations the information of the criminal offense under Art. 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional minor injury – punishable by a fine up to fifty non-taxable minimum incomes, or community service for a period of up to two hundred hours, or correctional labor for up to one year).

Uzhgorod Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office control the progress of the preliminary investigation on this proceeding.

Now they are taking measures to establish the identity of the person as well as the witnesses of the said incident.

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