Promise is debt! The situation in Uzhgorod

Last week, the Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov promised that as of December 1 all toilets at train stations of the country will be free. Morover, according to the Deputy Prime Minister the level of service must not change (so, if it was horrible it must stay that way?!). Today, December 3, checked how the official’s instruction is fulfilled in the regional center of Transcarpathia.

At Uzhgorod train station, at the entrance to the restroom there is an announcement on the abolition of fees. Two station workers say that prior to that the cost had been 1.50 UAH.

Today they are most distressed by the fact that with this innovation their clean toilet will be quickly spoiled. The fees for other services specified in the same announcement will be collected by workers of luggage office because they have a cash register.

Also asked whether the innovation on the abolition of fees for toilets has spread for bus stations. As stated by the cashier – it has not. She says it only applies to railroad.

At the Uzhgorod bus station restroom use costs 1 UAH. And the sanitary conditions there … leave much to be desired. Probably, the Deputy Prime Minister should inspect these toilets too.


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