Profits and losses of Transcarpathian enterprises in 2015 (Infographic)


Financial results of operations of the entities in Transcarpathian region for 2015 are quite interesting.

Overall in the region, financial results before taxes over the past year were negative and amounted to 1.5915 billion hryvnia of losses.

Profitable enterprises, whose share in total amount was 79.2%, received UAH 2002.9 million of profit. Meanwhile, the share of unprofitable enterprises in the region amounted to 20.8%. And they had 3,594.4 million hryvnia of losses. Thus, unprofitable result was made by a minority, in fact 1/5 of the total numebr of companies. This may indicate both the underdevelopment of the regional economy and certain inaccuracies in the taxation of income. It is likely that the businesses conceal some of their profits.

The same types of companies had both losses and profits. Thus, the bulk of the profits was generated by industrial enterprises (41.8% of total profits). Although, the same type of companies accounts for 56.5% of the total losses. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles account for 27.3% of profits and 18.2% of losses. And the transport, warehousing, postal and courier service companies account for 5.2% of profits and 11.8% of losses.


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