Prices for fuel are supposed to fall on hryvnia within the month

The prices for fuel and diesel, which rapidly grew in March-April and became more than 11 hryvnia are supposed to significantly reduce very soon. This was informed to by the fuel market expert, the member of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Volodymyt Chubirko.

The fact is that the prices rose when the oil world prices increased to $120 per barrel and now it has fallen to 89.

Thus, the price for the most popular 95th gasoline from the current more than 11 hryvnia is supposed to fall to 9,7 – 9,9 hrn./liter, 92nd – to 9,5 – 9,7 hrn., diesel fuel to 9,4 – 9,6 hrn. per liter.

Of course, the fuel market operators still sell out the purchased fuel on the revious prices and do not rush to lose the high profits, that is why we do not have to expect the rapid collapse. 

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