Premiere in Uzhgorod! Fourth All-Ukrainian festival “100 films in 100 minutes 2015”

The annual All-Ukrainian festival of extremely short movies "100 films in 100 minutes 2015" will be held in Ukraine for the fourth time. The premiere in Uzhgorod will be held on 13 and 14 of November in the puppet theater "Bavka", along with other twenty Ukrainian cities.

"100 films in 100 minutes" is the festival of one-minute-long film (not to be confused with clips or advertising). Those are bona fide films that appeal to the audience and tell diverse stories that are seemingly impossible to be condensed in one minute, thus confirming the expression "brevity is the sister of talent!". Fiction, animation, documentary and experimental films with only one limitation – one-minute length.

The festival takes place in many cities of Ukraine, from Uzhgorod to Donetsk and from Kyiv to Odesa! In total, residents of about 20 Ukrainian cities will be able to see the festival program.

The project is organized in the framework of the Kyiv International Short Film Festival!

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