Pots, amulets and adventures of children near Stuzhytsia

What could be more romantic and comprehensive than days full of interesting life close to nature, surrounded by beech forests and steep mountain river Bystryi with clean water as a tear? Therefore, a children’s summer recreation camp has been working on the outskirts of the village of Stuzhytsia in Velykyi Bereznyi district for many years.

Nadiya Dobosh heads it for ten years, each time discovering young people (now mostly children from 10 to 16 years from Uzhgorod and Kyiv region) and new facets of the local landscape.

An interesting and diverse program is planned for two weeks. In the first day it was a master class of modern dance, conducted by Uzhgorod ‘Blitz’ studio teacher Angelika Klaizner. And then – some other interesting events: workshops with the participation of master from the regional center Lesia Rybalko (technique of amulets manufacturing with the use of natural paints for textiles, Easter eggs with embroidery, etc.), masters of pottery Yulia Rogova from Uzhgorod (children personally will try to make on a potter’s wheel from clay pots and other items, which then will be baked and handed to young masters). MOE experts will teach children to deal with difficult areas through a mountain stream with the help of modern equipment. The participants of each camp’s change together with counselors Carina Karapetian and Nikita Shentsev will study the abundant nature of highland region and will meet with their original folklore heritage of others. Doctor Alla Chobal closely looks after the health of children.


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