Portraits of Fedir Manaylo by Transcarpathian artists (PHOTO)

On the occasion of artist’s Fedir Manaylo’s birthday, here is a collection of the artist potraits by different authors in paintings, drawings and small sculptural forms.

Volodymyr Mykyta (born in 1931) – Portrait of the painter Fedir Manaylo (1976). Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum.

Ivan Manaylo (1940-2002) – Portrait of the father (cardboard, oil, beg. of 1960s).

Ivan Manaylo (1942-2010) – Portrait of F.F.Manaylo (oil on canvas, 2004).

Yuriy Moshak (born in 1949) – Our luminaries and their students (2016). From the exhibition Autumn 2016 in the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum.

In this picture, Manaylo is in the upper left corner.

Ivan Harapko (1909-2002) – Maestros of fine arts of Transcarpathia – F. Manaylo, A.Erdelyi, Y.Bokshay (1983). Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum.

Mykhailo Belen (born in 1951) – Painter Fedir Manaylo (terracotta, 1980). Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum.

Bohdan Korzh (born in 1952) – Fedir Manaylo (first half of 2000s).

Adalbert Erdelyi (1891-1955) – A friendly cartoon. Portrait of the artist Fedir Manaylo (second half of 1940s – first half of 1950s). Private property

Havrylo Hlyuk (1912-1983) – Portrait of the painter Fedir Manaylo (1955). Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum.

The collection was shared by Taras Hanych

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