Political migration has become the fundamental problem of Romania – Romanian politician

The phenomenon of political migration, which most clearly developed itself for the last 4 years, became the fundamental problem of Romanian politics. This phenomenon may significantly reduce the level of public confidence in the political elite.

Thus, the former Minister of Culture of Romania, the Chairman of Democratic Union of Romanian Hungarians Kelemen Khunor commented on the number of politicians of the Liberal Democratic Party’s transition to the side of opposition, which allowed resign Mihai Rezvan Unhurian’s government, informs special correspondent of UKRINFORM.

‘We must to find the antidote on the legislative level or by changing the constitutional norms in order to exclude the dangerous political migration phenomenon from the political life of Romania’ – said Kelemen Khunor.

The leader of Romanian Hungarians stressed that the ‘interparty tourism’ can seriously shake public confidence in politicians.

The Parliament of Romania resigned Mikhai Rezvan Unhurian’s government on April 27, as earlier reported agency.

President Traian Besesku intrusted the new government formation to the newly appointed Prime Minister, leader of the Social Democratic Party Viktor Pont.

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