Policemen calmed down a drunk man, who had damaged a bus and beaten a driver

Uzhgorod patrol police received a report about a fight on Hrushevsky street.

Promptly arriving at the scene, the policemen saw a man who was seemingly intoxicated and was committing hooligan actions at a bus stop.

The police officers found out that a few hours earlier the offender had already had to deal with the patrol police. Near a cafe at a bus stop in the city center, he was bothering citizens using foul language and behaving inadequately. Patrol policemen arrived and made a report against the bully.

This time, at another bus stop, the man broke front headlights, side mirrors with stones and tore off wiper blades of the bus, then grappled with the driver and inflicted him injuries.

The patrol policemen called the investigative team, ensured the protection of the scene and preservation of the damaged property. Then, the offender was taken to the Regional Drug Testing Station to have his blood tested for alcohol content (the test showed 1.7 ppm). 



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