Policeman got interested with a «Volkswagen Toureg», and the prosecutors got interested in the policeman

On September 7, Uzhgorod City Prosecutor instituted criminal case against former senior investigator of the Uzhgorod police department over the acquisition of official documents for the car «Volkswagen Toureg» and malpractice (Part 1 of Art. 357, Part 3 of Art. 364 of CC of Ukraine – punishable by imprisonment for a term of five to twelve years with confiscation of property).

According to the City Prosecutor Ivan Shtefanyuk, it is established that the former policeman in October 2009 launched a criminal case over falsification and use of fake order to move the car «Volkswagen Toureg» across the border of Ukraine. The car was confiscated. Then the investigator, abusing his official position, illegally removed the car from the "Uzhgorod" customs post and instead of sending it for storage on the impound lot, entrusted it to unidentified persons. Thus, through criminal acts of the senior investigator, this car was not disposed of and the state budget lost more than 215 thousand UAH. 

The criminal case was forwarded for pre-trial investigation to the chief investigator of Uzhgorod prosecutor’s office.

Source: Press office of the Prosecutor of the Transcarpathian region

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