POLICE with the Transcarpathian accent. Our patrol policemen took the oath (PHOTOS)

Inspired and "brand-new" – about two hundred fresh Transcarpathian police officers solemnly took the oath in Uzhgorod on Narodna Square.

Those are employees of the new to Transcarpathia, and to Ukraine as a whole, structure – patrol police. They were recruited in a tough competition and trained for eight weeks. The policemen are dressed in brand new uniform, and those who will join the car patrols are also "armed" with four wheels – "Prius" cars.

Today, patrol policemen will come out onto the streets of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo.

The motto of the patrol police is "To serve and protect", they stress that patrols are primarily service agency.

In their oath to the people of Ukraine, they pledged to serve the country and the people and to be the guardians of law and order.

Meanwhile, the police hope that people will observe the law responsibly and will be responsive to young patrol policemen.

The Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoyidze noted that she is proud of all new policemen and that they are the best people of Ukraine.

The curator of the creation of the police in Transcarpathia MP Mustafa Nayem noted that he was satisfied with the result, especially since this department was created "from scratch". And stressed that despite all the rumors, the selection took place fairly.

The most solemn moment was the performance of the anthem of Ukraine.


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