Police state: Ukraine maintains an army of police which is 2.5 times more than on average in the world

Ukraine has all the signs of a police state, as the state maintains the police staff which is twice more than the world level. And the army that protects us from external enemies is half of that that protects us from "internal" ones. This was written by Mykola Khavronyuk in the "Dzerkalo tyzhnya.Ukraina".

In Ukraine, there are 358 thousand employees of the Interior Ministry, ie 780 per 100 thousand people. The global average level is 300 police officers, and the recommendation of the UN is 222 per 100 thousand people.

And this is not inherited from the USSR. Indeed, in 1990, 628,139 people served in the Soviet police.The population of the USSR at the time was 293 million 47 thousand, ie 214 policemen per 100 thousand population.

During the police reform in Georgia, their number decreased from 70 thousand to 16 thousand and now it is 355 officers per 100 thousand people. According to the UN (as of 2010), in the countries similar to Ukraine in political and economic situation, the number of policemen is two or three times less than that in Ukraine.

 The least number of policemen is in Norway, Finland, India, China, Haiti, and the most is in Belarus and Russia, where this figure is 1442 and 976 respectively.


We have 27 prosecutors per 100 thousand people. In Germany this figure is 5, in Moldova – 16, on average in Europe – 10, and only in Russia their total number is higher – 32 prosecutors per 100 thousand people. In total, Ukraine has obvious signs of a police state, because only 255 thousand people protect it from an external enemy, and twice as many – 477 thousand people – protect it from "internal threats".  We do not know how to ensure order and safety other than by increasing the number of "controllers".

Thus, public order, security and justice is ensured by 9.3% of the state apparatus, and they receive for that 9.4% of the state budget. It seems reasonable, if you ignore a significant skew towards prosecution: 145,300 UAH per one public prosecutor against 85,300 UAH per one court employee and 59,600 UAH for year per one law enforcement officer in general. So the police in Ukraine are numerous, but poor, and therefore often demand "donations" from "philanthropists."

Source – Nashi Hroshi

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