Police found the criminals who murdered a woman in Mukachevo for a car

As previously reported by uzhgorod.in, on August 19 law enforcement officers Mukachevo received an appeal from 20-year-old local resident who reported that his aunt, 37-year-old resident of Mukachevo, did not answer the phone for several days. So he broke a window, entered the house of his aunt and found her dead.

The victim was found with a damaged skull. And her car disappeared from the garage . 

The police solved a crime and identified the murderers. As it turned out, the woman was killed for robbery by her two distant friends, the residents of Mukachevo aged 28 and 23. This crime occurred late in the evening on August 15. Staying in the apartment of the victim, the attackers, knocked her to the floor and while one of them was holding the victim’s legs, the second struck her several blows on the head with a hammer, which led to the woman’s death. Afterwards the murderers stole the victim’s jewelry and a car which was then driven to Chop for sale. 

One of the arrested murderers confessed about the deed. The police found the murder’s weapon in Latorytsya river, the hammer was thrown there by the killers. Stolen jewelry was seized in one of the Chop pawnshops. 

This criminal case was brought in action according to the Article 115 Part 1 of the Criminal Code (intended killing). The second murderer is now wanted, – informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region.

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