Poland intends to simplify the legal employment of domestic workers

The Polish government plans to simplify the legal employment of domestic workers, many of whom are citizens of Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent from Warsaw, citing Polish media, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Poland began drafting the bill.

In particular, the authorities plan to cut red tape associated with legal employment of people who help with household work, both for employers and for workers themselves, by providing attractive tax terms.

The newspapers noted that legal employment will be beneficial to employees because they will have an opportunity to receive medical care, which they are now denied of due to lack of registered contract.

"Trying to legalize the labor of domestic workers, we prepare the country for an aging society. There will be more older people among us, and we need a good solution for their caregivers" – the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy of Poland Jacek Menchyna said.


As UNIAN reported earlier, the citizens of Ukraine, which is the largest eastern neighbor of Poland, traditionally lead among all foreigners working for Polish employers.

Ukrainians are often engaged in seasonal agricultural work, construction, work as domestic workers and nurses, and, according to Ukrainian diplomats, often complain that they do not get paid for their work and they can not prove anything because they were working illegally.

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