Pogorelov wants to know whether deputies have confidence in him

Press office of the mayor of Uzhgorod issued the statement of the mayor. Here is the text.

"Dear Uzhgorod residents

 All of you know about a difficult situation in the country. Many innocent victims, economy is in the collapse, local government does not function.

I hear threats from my yesterday opponents, while many people support my position and the work that I have been doing for the sustenance of the city with chronically underfinanced city budget.

 People, who did not vote for me, order me to resign.

 I respect the opinion of Uzhgorod residents, especially those who voted for me. Therefore, I ask city deputies, whom Uzhgorod residents entrusted to represent their interests, to come to the session and decide whether they trust me as mayor.

I do not want Uzhgorod and Uzhgorod residents to suffer because of the interests of certain political groups.

 Sincerely, Victor Pogorelov"

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