Pogorelov said that he has nothing to do with the Shchadei’s beating, because he believes in God

The Mayor of Uzhgorod commented on the Uzhgorod city council secretary attack.

‘I don’t know who and how beat him. Yesterday night he called me and told that he was attacked in front of his house. I spoke to the head of the Police, he indeed confirmed this fact, then I called to the chief hospital doctor and he said that he was admitted. This morning I visited him. What is the reason – I don’t know, it must be connected with his work. We have inherited a bunch of land issues, which were not violated by the predecessors. He takes an active part in solving theses issues, stands for the hostels’ residents. Everything has to set the investigation.’

As to his personal relationship with Viktor Shchadei Uzhgorod Mayor said: ‘He is quite good for me as a secretary and the man who helped me during the elections. I feel sorry for that what happened to him, this is uncivilized conversation. But I am not implicated to this, I believe in God. The investigation should deal with it.’


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