Pogorelov has been asked not to raise tariffs on bus transportation

The head of the Uzhgorod city branch of the "Batkivshchyna" party Halyna Kozlova sent an official letter to the mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov, which refers to the unacceptability of higher tariffs for passenger transportation in the city. In addition, the corresponding letter was sent to the Committee for Protection of Consumer Affairs. The letter states that the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council officially published and made for public discussion the draft decision "On tariffs for urban passenger transportation", which offers another rise of fares for city buses. The authors of the letter write: "Given the lack of improvement of quality of city bus service and a significant rise of cost of living in the city, we believe that raising the existing, economically unreasonable rates for the carriage of passengers is impractical … We believe that even the current price is too high and offer to reduce it to 1.5 UAH, or, at least, not to change it, despite pressure from some carriers."

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