Pogorelov does not want to remove billboards over the river

Today, September 19, during a meeting of the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council much debate was caused by the draft resolution "On renewal, granting and prolongation of permits for outdoor advertising."

Head of Municipal Economy Department Oleksiy Kasperov informed that currently 50 companies involved in the proliferation of outdoor advertising operate in the regional center, but only 3 of them had reacted to the decision of the previous meeting requiring to provide the documentation on their advertising media, so for now only 573 objects of outdoor advertising are deemed legitimate.

Member of the Executive Committee Victor Shchadey who initiated the creation of the commission on the outdoor advertising, also read the information that the commission recommended to extend moratorium on the installation of new billboards for another year, not prolong the owner’s permits for advertising in the historic center, etc. These recommendations were not taken into account. Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov drew the attention of members of the executive committee to the draft decision and offered to adopt it and prolong contracts with the companies who had previously worked in the city.        

Another member of the executive committee Volodymyr Chubirko suggested to cardinally change the principles of cooperation with advertisers. In his view, the city authorities should identify 600 places in Uzhgorod where billboards, city lights, etc. can be placed. And then the city would sell lease agreements on these places at auction. Victor Pogorelov said that he was not ready to do that and considered it wrong.    

Finally, only 8 members of the executive committee voted for the project "On renewal, granting and prolongation of permits for outdoor advertising", which was insufficient for adoption of the decision. Probably, it will be considered by the Executive Committee members at the following meetings.

Photo: Uzhhorod photographers within the campaign "For a good shot!" visualized how the bearing wall near the bridge might look like without distorting advertising designs.


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