Photo contest “Photo for the people” will take place this Sunday (announcement)

On September 14, in the regional center of Transcarpathia, namely on the pedestrian bridge that connects Teatralna Square and S.Petofi Square, there will a "live" photo exhibition, the exhibits for which can be provided by all visitors. Thus, in addition to giving aesthetic pleasure to passers-by, you can take part in fundraising for our soldiers.

Terms of the participation are simple:

– on Sunday, at 11:00 am, there will be the beginning of exhibition, where you can bring your own printed photos on free theme (and any size) and hang them on the pedestrian bridge (signed with your name on the reverse).

– 12.00 – the Acting Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Shchadey will choose the two best pictures.

During the week, you can post your works, that you have chosen for the photo competition and plan to print out, in the album of the community (HERE) in the social network VK, where the winner of "Audience Award" will be determined by likes.

Among the nominations, there will be a new one – "Children’s Choice" – where the best photo will be chosen by a child from the crowd.

After determining the winners, the organizers will hold an auction of the winning photos. And the rest of the photos can by bought by anyone for a symbolic price by throwing money into a piggy bank (all funds will be transferred to the military).

Before hanging your works, you can get photographed with them, and later your pictures will be posted in the album of the community "Participants of the photo contest "Photo for the People".

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