“Phantoms” of Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

Probably each of us at least once a week notices terrible unfinifhed or outright abandoned buildings on the streets of Uzhgorod. Some of them were once started and then, for some reason, the projects were discontinued. Others just came in disrepair due to lack of maintenance and not being used as intended. Those will be discussed in this piece. Interestingly, many of the abandoned unfinished buildings apparently are owned by the same group of persons who in different ways took them away from the community or the former owners. However, unfortunately, the "recipients" can not boast the quality of management. 

We begin with the building, which you can not but notice, being close to the market "Bilochka". It is a bizarre building that once was planned to be an indoor city market, and now is a piece of concrete. In general, it is probably the most mysteriuos building of the city, whose future prospects are murky. Knowledgeable Uzhgorod residents say that the territory of the "back" of the current market is the property of the former Mayor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Ratushniak. They say, he owns 1.8 ha of land there.Obviously, once intended future is no more relevant for this building: apparently, the frame, that was designed for the market, will have to be demolished. Currently, homeless animals and debris reign there. We know that there were intentions to build near the "Bilochka" a supermarket, and a car parking at the site of the "skeleton" of the market. However, the owner decided not to start this project because it required significant investment. 

Ринок 1

Ринок 2

Not far from the first object, there is another one, equally abandoned. This is the building is the former "Dry cleaner at the Bilochka" at Belinsky street, 17. The history of this ghost building began in 2007, when by the decision of the City Council, the eliminated Housing Office №3 was evicted from it. Houses that were served by the Housing Office №3 were transferred to the balance of the CP "KSHEP of Uzhgorod", but this building was "forgotten" – it is still on the books of the Municipal Economy Department of Uzhgorod City Council. As you can see, it is a dead weight, becoming a hangout for local homeless people and drug addicts (at least according to the residents of the neighbourhood). Apparently, the object is being intentionally brought to such a state in order to reduce the price as much as possible before selling it to the right people. How else to explain a situation where such a piece of real estate is standing idle almost in the city center? Meanwhile residents of the neighbourhood say that they could use a working dry-cleaner… 

Хімчистка 1


Хімчистка 2

The situation is similar for the building of the former Uzhgorod city sanitary-epidemiological station, located at Kyivska embankment, 4 – just a few steps from the pedestrian bridge. The last time this building was used for intended purpose was back in 2007, after which it became a "phantom". You will not believe, but this derelict building is also associated with the odious former Mayor Serhiy Ratushniak. 





Another building in the city center, which is a thorn in the eyes of passers-by because of its clumsiness and unfinished state is a new building of unknown purpose on the site of the former terrace of the "Chervena Ruzha" restaurant (before that – the "Kyiv" hotel, before that – the "Bercheni" hotel-restaurant). In the city, it is believed that the former mayor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Ratushniak is directly involved with this building. Nevertheless, there is no construction passport at this site, so neither the intended purpose of the building nor the prospects of its completion are clear. 

Ружа 1

Two more unfinished construction projects can be seen on Shvabska street. Uzhgorod.in once wrote about one of them. As you can see, two years have passed and the situation has not changed at all. Rumor has it that this building is also associated with the former Mayor Serhiy Ratushniak. As it is usual in such cases, there is no construction passport. 

Швабська 1

No construction passport can also be found on another unfinished new building on Shvabska street. A pity, because residents of Uzhgorod need to know the names of those who spoil the exteriors of the city with such facilities. As in the previous case, it has been long since anyone saw builders there or at least some indications that the construction of the facility is really going on, and not "conserved" for indefinite term. 

Швабська 3

Another concrete monster stands at the intersection of Stantsiyna and Mukachivska streets. Apparently, it was supposed to be a shopping or office center, but "stars did not align" for the owner, and this unfinished building expanded the list of "phantoms" in the city. Moreover, it happened so long ago that the citizens have become accustomed to this clumsy monster that not only spoils the construction line and the appearance of the old Mukachisvska street, but also "ate" a piece of the city green spaces, where it stands. Speaking of the owner. Uzhgorod residents associate this facility with the famous Party of Regions member Viktor Feyer – member of the City Council, and once its secretary. He is also well known as the author and participant of various dealings with the city property. We can only guess what they are going to do with this facility. 


And, of course, the list of "phantom" buildings would be incomplete without the Uzhgorod slaughterhouse on Hrushevsky street. Although here, in contrast to all the above objects, there is even a construction passport which says that it is a "reconstruction of the administrative building into an apartment building with built-in commercial premises (within the existing foundations)." It also states that the commissioner of the reconstruction is Bentsa MS. Well, it gives hope that this object will not become another unfinished construction. However, the question remains as to the production facilities of the former slaughterhouse, which can be seen behind the construction site.  

М'ясокомбінат 1


М'ясокомбінат 2


М'ясокомбінат 3
М'ясокомбінат 4

Unfortunately, the influence of the city authorities on this situation and the state of unfininished construction projects is about as shadowy as the fate of the majority of these "phantom" buildings… By the way, this list is not exhaustive – Uzhgorod residents know many more similar "phantom" buildings, therefore – to be continued!

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