Petition for clearing the city from “visual trash” won’t be put on vote

This was written by Vitaliy Glagola  in the group "Uzhgorod".

The petition for the ban on outdoor advertising within the historic area of ​​Uzhgorod on the site of electronic petitions has been on moderation for more than 24 hours and still hasn’t been put on vote. Therefore, let’s vote here with REPOSTS

No one asks citizens’ permission for advertisement in the public area. Advertisers and officials make the city residents digest hundreds of thousands of advertising products whether they want it or not. Advertising banners, billboards and citylights have literally flooded the city. Advertising is everywhere: on the walls and fences, at intersections and roadsides. 

Ukraine is currently ranking fourth in the world in terms of the amount of outdoor advertising behind only Moldova, Uzbekistan and Lebanon. Uzhgorod is a historic city and such "visual trash" distorts the center of the city, which is 1125 years old.


Therefore, I propose: to ban the installation of outdoor advertising in the center of Uzhgorod. We tried to take this proposition to the previous mayor, but a week before the end of his term, they decided to extend permits to advertising agencies for 5 (!) years. And in the list, there was a lot of billboards in the center.

That is why we need a moratorium on outdoor advertising in the center and, after the expiry of the existing contracts, complete dismantling of city-lights and other outdoor advertising within the city’s historical area.

Spread the message with reposts and publications. Let’s clear the center of Uzhgorod from the visual trash!

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