Petiovka: Yedynyi Tsentr does not play games where language and face are hit

People’s deputies of Ukraine from Yedynyi Tsentr will not vote for resonant bill, which stipulates the Russia as a second language practical implementation in the country. This was announced by one of the party leaders deputy Vasyl Petiovka in Kiev – informs Yedynyi Tsentr press service.

‘Neither I personally nor my colleagues, who represent Yedynyi Tsentr in the Parliament do not support the bill, which means de facto introduction of one more official language in Ukraine. This violates the Constitution and detonates the fragile tolerance in the language issue. This means the beginning of a prolonged confrontation in politics and society. His signs are clearly visible from “pictures from nature” in the day of the first scandalous language innovation review. The group of Yedynyi Tsentr deputies has decided not to vote. We have previously consulted with our party colleagues. One of the party leaders, the current Minister Viktor Baloga also agreed with us that the suggested bill contradicts the goal of the social understanding. In this way, through the actions of protest and handgrips, Ukraine will not be merged. We do not play games where language and face are hit’.

V. Petiovka mentioned that one of those crucial cases where deputies from Yedyniy Tsentr diverge in the pro-governmental majority positions. In particular, thus was during the ‘Kharkiv agreements’ ratification, when the Yedynyi Tsentr members did not vote. ‘Now we are also suggested to approve the decision that contradicts the national interests and has nothing to do with the country reforming. The existing language legislation and today’s reality are such that the national minorities’ languages are used freely without any restrictions or harassment. At the same time, it is obvious that the Russian is clearly prevails in some spheres. We are strongly against from the driving Ukrainian language on our homeland into a kind of linguistic ghetto. Ukrainian should be freely heard throughout the country, not just in the separate enclaves, where there is a lack of sufficient numbers of Russian language carriers for its final destruction’.

People’s deputy is convinced that a strict political taboo should be imposed on such delicate subject as languages in Ukraine at least for 10 years. The ruling party should do it, since the full social peace responsibility lies on it. For this initiatives, considers politician, will certainly join all responsible political forces. ‘It is impossible to exchange the temporary political advantage in the strategic stuff order. The value of Ukraine and social unity is still high and should be kept inviolable’, – emphasized V. Petiovka.  

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