Perechyn police found two missing persons

Law enforcers found the residents of Perechyn resident, who had disappeared from May 6 to May 8. Both men were found.

 The first report about the disappearance of a man was received by law enforcement officers on May 6. According to the applicant, her husband, a resident of the village of Turya-Remeta, had left the restaurant, where they were attending a wedding, and disappeared.  Perechyn police studied the information set out in the statement and found the man. He is currently at home, his life and health is in no danger.

Another person, who had gone missing in Perechyn district, was found as far as in Vynogradiv district. The man has health problems. Perechyn district police, together with their Vynogradiv colleagues, established the man’s whereabouts. The man was found at his relatives’ place in Vynogradiv district.

The Department of Communications of Transcarpathian Regional Police

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