Perechyn celebrated its birthday with friends from the EU (PHOTOS)

The 613th anniversary celebration of Perechyn lasted for 2 days. They started with the concert and the friendship evening ‘Perechyn convenes friends on Perechynskyi vechurky’ on Sunday. Delegations from neighboring cities traditionally came to the town. The Mayors of Hungarian Mortfiu, Slovak Driienitsa, Sobrantse, Humenne came there this year. The Polish friends did not come, because they also held the City Day.

Sunday began with the public prayers for the health and dwellers’ welfare in all the three Perechyn churches of different confessions. The awards presenting to the best Perechyn dwellers was accompanied by the young talents’ performances. The Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Ivan Kachur and the Regional Council Deputy Volodymyr Chubirko attended the ceremony. Volodymyr Volodymyrovych read the greeting speech of the Regional Council Head Ivan Baloga to Perechyn dwellers and presented the worthy Regional Council credentials and valuable gifts. He handed karaoke sets to ‘Veselka’ (‘Rainbow’) and ‘Teremok’ kindergarten.

The awards were traditionally presented to the best taxpayers among the legal entities and individuals, the best employers, doctors, educators, cultural workers, community activists, the growing hopes of Perechyn. The football team ‘Karpaty-Perechyn’, which has the youth group from the recent time was recognized as the best from the best.

The City Council session decision on awarding the title of ‘Honorary Citizen of Perechyn’ was traditionally announced. The deputy of five convocations Olesia Khropina and the head of the regional health department Roman Shnitser became this year’s ‘Honorary Citizens of Perehyn’.

Later on, the celebration moved to the city center. Participants from the smallest kindergarten pupils and experienced artists, bands from Slovakia and Hungary danced, sang and joked on the stage.

The neighboring cities national dishes presentation was held in the huge tent which was provided by the Ministry of Emergencies. The disco with spectacular firework display started at night.  




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