People went on strike against an open cast in Mukachevo district

At the entrance to Zhborivtsi village people went on strike against the development of the south-eastern section of Klenovetske andesit-dacite deposit.


People are worried because their houses are located just few hundred meters from the top of the fields, and two houses are even in 50 meters from the future open cast. The fact that within a kilometer from this place there are two other acting open casts and the experience of the neighborhood with such enterprises is far from being the best one – constant explosions, dust expanding through the village, and the constant crash.

A few hours after the road was blocked by the people a representative of the company "Mukachevo open casts," came to talk to people and tried to explain his position to them. Arpad Drashkovtsi, legal adviser of "Mukachevo open casts," explained that they will bring new jobs and revenue for the village but the inhabitants of Zhborivtsi were categorical: no open cast should be here ad that’s it.Not to provoke the people, the company has withdrawn the equipment and will prepare to negotiation.


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