People control – Uzhgorod utilities made a schedule

List of works planned by Uzhgorod utilities for April 5, 2013, distributed by the municipality includes, in particular:

– Overhaul of greenery on Sobranetska street;

– Cleaning of curb lines on Pidhirna, Robocha, Mytrak, Mukachivska streets;

– Cleaning and sweeping – Kapushanska st.;

– Inspection, cleaning of the stormwater drainage – Zahorska st., Druzhba Narodiv sq., Koshitska str., from 14-00 Zankovetska st.;

– Cleaning of the illegal landfill on Bolharska st.;

– Inspection of traffic lights on Lev Tolstoy st.;

 – Replacement of bulbs in street lamps on Karmelyuk, Bazilevich, Turhyenyev, Popov, Mynaiska streets, Cyril and Methodius square

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