Pensions and subsistence level increased in Ukraine

The pensions’ recalculation of those pensioners for whom it was intended up to 2008 will begin since May 1 in Ukraine. Recalculation will affect 8,8 million pensioners who will receive extra 103,60 hryvnia on average during May-December.

Pensions are increased for several categories since May 1 in Ukraine. In general increases in pensions will affect 12,9 million people. The president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovyh instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to increase pensions for Ukrainians on average by 100 hryvnia in early March. He said that the total amount of funds which will be directed to the pension increase by the end of the year will be nearly 14 billion USD.

According to the government’s decision, the pensions will be increased by no less than 100 hryvnia to those pensioners who receive labor pensions and have work experience of 20 and 25 years (women and men respectively) since May 1. For those who does not have such experience the increase will amount not less than 50 hryvnia, and those who receive social pensions – no less than 30 hryvnia.

Also the subsistence level for disabled, amount of payments for family members of perished and disabled war veterans will increase from 28 to 42 % since May.  The increase will amount 112,1 hryvnia (from 238,1 up to 357,2 hryvnia). This norm will concern 172,4 thousand persons.

Besides, the supplements to war participants who were not awarded with medals will increase from 10 to 15% of the subsistence level for disabled population since May 1. The supplement will be increased from 15 up to 20% for those who were awarded with medals. Therefore pensions will be increased by 42,5 hryvnia for 1 million 307,2 thousand veterans. The increase will grow from 127,6 up to 170,1 hryvnia for awarded participants of war and for the others from 85,1 up to 127,6 hryvnia. The phased increase of retirement benefits for military commander and the ordinary composition will begin from July 1. The increase will amount 10% since July 1, September 1 – also 10%, and since January 1, 2013 – 10,5%.  


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