Pedestrians got injured in two car crashes in Mukachevo district

Within one day, two car accidents happened in Mukachevo district. In both cases, drivers hit pedestrians while they were crossed the road on crosswalks.

In the morning, a physician of the admission department of Mukachevo CDH reported to Mukachevo city police that they had admitted an injured 83-year-old pensioner.

According to witnesses, the elderly woman was crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing near the village of Znyatsevo, when she was hit by a car "Skoda Octavia" driven by a woman. Moving in the direction of Mukachevo, the driver noticed the pedestrian, but had no time to slow down. Due to the accident a pensioner’s legs and shoulder were broken.

Other similar accident, where a car VAZ hit ​​a pedestrian, happened in Mukachevo. According to the victim, on Myr Street he was hit by a car while crossing the roadway on a crosswalk.

The investigative team and an ambulance immediately arrived at the scene. The 32 -year-old resident of Mukachevo was taken to trauma unit of Mukachevo CDH.

Both cars were delivered to the police impound lot. The incidents were registered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations. Investigative checks continue.

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