Peace, development, mutual understanding – wishes and expectations from 2018 asked its friends to share their own thoughts on the topic. It’s time to remember the past year and take a portion of sincere wishes!

Oleksandr Pelin, sociologist.

– Name the three most important, in your opinion, events of the passing year, which have had or will have the greatest impact on the life of the region.

1. The movement of Uzhgorod buses can be tracked online.

2. Forum "Digital democracy and the reform of local self-government: Uzhgorod prospects".

 3. Presentation of Tetyana Literati’s book "Uzhgorod. Nonfictional stories".

– What do you expect from the coming year?

– I hope that next year Uzhgorod residents will not succumb to the provocations and fake news. That will remain as prudent and tolerant as they have always been!

Your wishes to fellow countrymen in the coming year…

I wish Uzhgorodians to keep a balance between innovations and traditions!

Igor Todorov, historian

– So, what are your impressions of 2017?

– There is hope that the international airport in Uzhgorod will resume operation, and low costs will available here! There is also hope that the Ukrzaliznytsya will facilitate better communication of Transcarpathia with the rest of Ukraine. Major repair of Transcarpathian roads will begin. And quite fantastic – the queues on the borders with the European Union will disappear. All this should positively influence the situation in Transcarpathia, and in my life too!

– What do you expect from 2018?

– First of all, the implementation of what was said in paragraph 1. Well, and for myself – further fruitful work in UzhNU, the beginning of the practical work of our specialized scientific council. And, of course, good news from my wife, daughters, son-in-law and doggies!

– And what would you wish fellow countrymen?

– I wish everybody peace, wealth, tolerance. The liberation of the occupied Ukrainian lands from Russian invaders and collaborators, stabilization of relations with the neighbors of Transcarpathia.

Mykhailo Nosa, journalist

– So, three events of the year that had or will have the greatest impact on the life of the region:

1. Decentralization. Formation of the united communities, the first elections in the communities, and, finally, hope for their independence, both financially and politically.

2. Test by the language law. It’s a kind of litmus test for maturity, tolerance and wisdom of our society and leaders of not only the state, but also Transcarpathia.

3. Concert of Vakarchuk in Uzhgorod.

– What do you expect from the coming year?

Peace. The end of the war. That Transcarpathians will not have to go abroad in search of a better life…

– Your wishes to fellow countrymen…

Inspiration, spiritual rejuvenation, wisdom, endurance and optimism!

Natalia Petiy-Potapchuk, musician

– So, three events of the year that had or will have the greatest impact on the life of the region:

 1. The most significant event for me and the entire staff of the Honored Academic Transcarpathian folk choir was receiving the "independence" status, that is, we became a separate culture institution and will be able to conduct an active concert, touring and other creative activity, create our projects and take part in interesting events both in Ukraine and abroad!!! This is the most important…

2. I like that something is changing in Uzhgorod, works are constantly under way…   Hopefully, Uzhgorod will still preserve its face…

3. I want to restore the oldest layers of our ethnic memory… I was interested in collecting folklore. As a result, we did "Dry Dance"… and there is much more… Thank you, Music!

– What do you expect from the coming year?

 I hope for the best!!! For the collective of the Transcarpathian choir, it will be very significant and special, I want to do a lot… but we also expect assistance and support from Transcarpathians!!!

– Your wishes to fellow countrymen…

 In the New Year I wish all of God’s Grace and Love! But, nevertheless, also more responsibility for your actions and work!!! Love and Peace!!!

Andriy Lyubka, writer

1. Granting of visa-free regime to Ukraine;

2. Adoption of the Law "On Education", through which the Ukrainian language will begin to develop, and successful Ukrainization in general (movies, quotas on the radio, books);

3. The release of 73 Ukrainian hostages from the "republics of Pithecanthropists".

What are your predictions for the coming year?

"The next year, everyone will start preparing for the elections, which gives a chance that the government will be promoting reforms more actively. I am most interested in the fight against corruption and lustration, because until we separate the government and the money (and at the level of local self-government too), there will be no progress."

The wishes from Andriy, as always, are witty and about simple joys of life:
"I want to wish Transcarpathians snowy winter, repaired roads, and lots of mushrooms in the forests!".

Olena Kaminska, choreographer

Main events of the year 2017:

1. Visa-free travel

2. The educational reform, which showed how weak we are in diplomacy and how this reform is almost useless for the educational sphere.

3. Decentralization, which gave an opportunity for better development of the city and the region.

Expectations from 2018:

I hope that in the new year our people will receive from the gevernment motivation not to leave their land and homes, but stay in their Motherland to develop their business and invest their knowledge, intelligence, talent, strength in their land.

I wish peace and economic development.

Lyudmyla Mandzich, volunteer

Expectations from 2018:

  1. The end of the war.

2. Creation of new jobs (conditions for investments to Ukraine).

3. Professional managers in the government (transparent fair elections).

I wish the countrymen health, peace, to believe in themselves, to be caring. And not to forget that Ukraine is our land, therefore, we need to care for it on our own, together, without waiting for someone to do it for us!

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