Pavlo Klimkin promised not to take from the Transcarpathian Hungarians education in their language (+ PHOTOS)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin is in Transcarpathia with a working visit.

In Beregovo, the official met with the public and the authorities, examined the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, visited schools with Hungarian and Ukrainian languages of instruction, and laid flowers to the monuments of T. Shevchenko and S. Petofi.

After the visit, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine gave a briefing. In particular, he stressed the following about the practical implementation of the new education law: "There are still many practical issues left, however the education in the national language will remain, but there must also be subjects taught in Ukrainian."

"The implementation of language law should take place according to a plan based on the dialogue with the community," – the minister said.

Also, Klimkin is convinced that the language issue in Transcarpathia is artificially politicized. He therefore calls for a dialogue with the community, emphasizing that the language issue for Hungary has always been problematic. "But we want to do something not for Hungary, but for our community. This is our law, our future and our development", – the official emphasized.

Klimkin also showed understanding that some school graduates in Transcarpathia see their future not with Ukraine, but with Hungary: "We must do everything to keep youth in our country! Ukraine must not lose its citizens. We must ensure that every citizen has a chance to have a good future in Ukraine, and not in foreign countries," – he said.

The Hungarian community is an important and valuable part of Ukraine, – Pavlo Klimkin said. He also noted that every citizen should speak the state language fluently. This will give graduates a chance to succeed in life. "I see that there are students who speak Ukrainian perfectly, but there are those that do not understand what I say. We must do something about it," – the minister said. At the same time, he stressed that the Ukrainian language should not be a burden, but to achieve this, it is necessary to change the teaching methodology and improve the training of teachers. In general, the official summed up what he sees: the Hungarian community is ready for a dialogue, and the new norms of the law, including those related to the language, should be introduced according to the plan based on such dialogue.

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