Passport Office “rejoices” (Photofacts) a year ago wrote that the face of Uzhgorod City Department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region (passport office), located at Pravoslavna embankment, 20 wants to have a better look.

The area around it was "decorated" with blue and torn oilcloth, and garbage could be een underneath it.

The Passport Office was "sad" but now we can see significant changes: the house began to "grow" up, and it is cleaner around it. They have already cut the tops of trees (which were in the way) and added two brick floors.

It is good that from now on, people, who will need to receive a passport, will not have to look for the passport office behind heaps of garbage, and will be able to see it from afar.  

IMG_6562_новый размер
IMG_5999_новый размер
IMG_6565_новый размер
IMG_6000_новый размер
IMG_6563_новый размер
IMG_6564_новый размер
IMG_5996_новый размер
IMG_6002_новый размер
IMG_6004_новый размер

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