Passions of rectors: Nikolaychuk has not received the promised position from Vashchuk

The current Acting Rector of the Uzhgorod National University (and, concurrently, the rector of the Transcarpathian State University) Fedir Vashchuk has not rewarded his predecessor Vitaly Nikolaychuk with the post of the first Vice Rector.
Rumor has it that a considerable tension is felt between F.Vashchuk and V. Nikolaychuk. Although V. Nikolaychuk was formally appointed as one of the Vice Rectors, he has neither received an appropriate work space nor his particular responsibilities has been specified.
Conflicts between the current leader and his predecessor is confirmed by Vashchuk’s sharp and public expression of dissatisfaction with the fact that in the early days of his tenure as Acting Rector V. Nikolaychuk sued the university for almost 100 thousand UAH, which was done in financially difficult period for the university.
Source: Zakarpattya online

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