Passengers are afraid to travel by “Hyundai”

Euro-train "Hyundai Rotem," since its launch in Ukraine, has broken down 8 times.

The train, which connects Ukrainian cities of Lviv-Kyiv-Kharkiv and Donetsk, often breaks down due to technical malfunctions. Problems with the brakes, ventilation and electricity are the first signs of failures on the Ukrainian railways.

However, most complaints among the passengers have been caused by the train departure ahead of timetable on the route Lviv-Kiev. This is a complaint of known public figures, journalists, and tourists – the train departs earlier than it should.

However, Ukrzaliznytsia has developed a scheme of compensation in case of delay or failure of trains.

As noted by Boris Kolesnikov, there is an informational war against the new high-speed trains, but the minister did not say who exactly had waged this war. The official also did not say when they are going to lower the price of travel and bring back the old trains.

Note that a few days ago the train broke down again somewhere around Poltava. Then there were two failures: first, people were kept 2 hours without electricity and then they had to take another train.


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