Party of Regions members in Vynohradiv do not follow instructions of the Prime Minister?

Today district deputies of Vynohradiv Council from Party of Regions along with their allies from Hungarian party of Istvan Gajdos, thwarted the council session, which had to approve changes to the district budget.

As per Oleg Lyubimov, the chairman of the district council, the session was convened in order to distribute the funds allocated to the regional council for the social facilities of the district. 

"This means the construction of kindergartens, cultural centers, etc. For unknown reasons, the representatives of Party of Regions group and a chairman of DSA Tetiana Hrab, refused to adopt the changes to the budget. Funds had to support the following projects: 500,000 hryvnias for the completion of kindergarten in Veryatsya village, 350,000 for a kindergarten in Velyka Kopanya, 200,000 for cultural centre in Gyula, 180,000 for the improvement of the landfill in Peyterfolvo, 150,000 for a kindergarten in Fertesholmash, and 500,000 for Vinohradiv kindergarten "Berizka."    

 The head of the council, considering the fact that members of the party in power refuse to implement the policy of the Government’s Head Mykola Azarov to build a network of kindergartens, initiated an appeal from the deputies of Vynohradiv District Council to the President of Ukraine to evaluate the activities of Vinohradiv DSA Head Tetiana Hrab aimed to resolution of social problems in the district. 

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