Party of Regions member Beliakov lobbies bus prices’ rising in Uzhgorod

Recently, the representatives of Uzhgorod MTE-1207 and Association of Uzhgorod Passengers Transport appealed with a letter to the regional center mayor, in which they ask mayor to revise tariffs and raise the fare up to 2.50 hryvnia! Carriers argued their request by the fact of fuel, lubricant materials and spare parts cost increase and by the salary level.  

This petition was carefully studied in the City Council Economy Management. The head of tariffs’ issue department Ludmyla Katynska pointed out that according to the current legislation and relevant normative documents, these rates should be adequately grounded by the carriers.

An Executive Committee member, a chairman of regional department of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Margarita Moshchak added:

‘I studied the commission’s materials and, although I should defend the entrepreneurs’ interests, I would like to note: there is no reason to raise tariffs. Besides, there is no town in Ukraine with a population of 130 thousand where transport fares are more than 2 hryvnia.’

Due to the lack of data, the members of the city interdepartmental commission on the state price policy implementation in the utilities and local passenger transport, which was held on June 14, decided not to raise prices and leave them at 2 hryvnia’s level.

The city mayor deputy, the city council member from the Party of Regions Yurii Beliakov was not very pleased with such decision. Accordingly, he did not support the commission members. Moreover, he accused the economy administration in the lack of professionalism and insisted on the tariffs’ review. ‘If we take the last year’s meeting protocols where you justified the 2 hryvnia price in accordance with the fuel price, etc, then in comparison with today – it will be different numbers. This also demonstrated your unprofessionalism to calculation approach. In connection with such unprofessional reasoning, I suggest to give commission a month for consideration and then make a decision.’

‘We have no doubt in the economic administration’s experts’ professionalism – denied the first deputy mayor, member of Regional Council Viktor Trykur. – There is no reason to raise price for transportation, as far as in Mukachevo, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk it is 2 hryvnia’. Viktor Fedorovych confessed that he cannot understand why the regional dwellers deserved such a tariff increase if the diesel and gas price is decreased by 15% for today. And this tendency is tend to continue falling.  

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