Party of Regions and credit unions employees will represent Transcarpathia in parliament according to Korolevska

Natalia Korolevska’s party ‘Ukraina – vpered’ (‘Ukraine – ahead’) defines deputies from Transcarpathia. The probable candidates among them are two former deputies from the Regional Council of ‘Batkivshchyna’ party: Vitalii Postolaki and Yurii Tiagur. Overall, six credit union ‘Saint Martin’ employees are in the so-called ‘national list’ from 13 candidates. Yurii Tiagur leads the regional branch of the party ‘Ukraina – vpered’ (recently Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party). In addition to the union’s head, its subordinates want to the parliament as well. In particular: a chief accountant Tetiana Kugutych, Uzhgorod branch union’s consultant Olesia Shnitser, the union member Natalia Brovdii, a head of Tiachiv department Maxim Slavnyi and former deputy director of Vynogradiv department Mykhailo Rusainiuk.

Three of thirteen Transcarpatian fighter of Korolevska unsuccessfully fought for parliamentary seats during the local elections in 2010. Vitalii Postulaki once again decided to become the Regional Council deputy. And Yurii Tiagar and Tetiana Kugutyh wanted to become the members of Mukachevo District Council.

Among the other candidates in the national list are Uzhgorod blogger Yaroslav Kushtan, a head of Velykyi Bereznyi commercial bank department Roman Gumeniuk, a student Taras Grytsiuk, a power tools seller Mykhola Latskanych, football player Volodymyr Romanovych and railroader Yurii Pavlovskyi. 

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