Paradise in Hungarian fashion (PHOTOS)

All those wishing to escape from everyday hustle and bustle of dusty towns in order to stay alone with nature, we encourage to visit the Hungarian resort near the lake of Velentse which is not far from the town of Sekeshfekhervar. In fact exactly here you can spend a very good time: in summer, engaged in fishing and boat riding, and winter – skating and sailing sledges. This small, cozy resort will comfort from the smallest to the eldest tourist with its attractions. It should be noted at once that the runaways from the noisy cities can fully enjoy the peace and quiet of tiny streets.   

Velentse is considered as one of the warmest lakes in Europe – in the summer the water temperature here reaches 26-28 degrees. The third part of the lake has overgrown with reeds. This overgrown shelter a number of birds – therefore roughly a third part of the lake is the nature reserve. Swans, which can be fed straight from the hands, gratify tourists the most! The feed can be bought on the beach.  

In addition to lake the resort Agard is famous for its thermal pools, wine cellars and vodka (alcoholic) mini-factories. You can munch on berried when taking a walk in this town, because they grow right on the streets! The transport arteries are clean here, believe me!

The town is equipped with pedestrian areas and tracks for cyclists. The youngest and the oldest use the two-wheeled vehicles here. By the way, although the movement is regulated by the special traffic lights, and the townspeople are so polite and mannered that they do not even expose themselves to danger by the traffic rules violation. Do not believe – then go to Agard and see it on your own! 



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