Parade of brides collected money for abandoned kids

One of the most important parts of Uzhhorod Parade of brides is the contributions’ collection for the needs of abandoned children, who are in Uzhgorod children’s hospital.

‘When preparing for the first parade we unanimously decided with friends – we will collect money for children. After all, if we have such a trump card in our traditions as the bride’s dance (shorovyi dance), it would be a sin not to use it in the charitable intentions’ – told the parade of brides’ co-organizer Rostyslav Bulanov.

‘We did not think for a long time what kind of children it will be, we agreed on our city children’s hospital. There is an abandoned kids department. They require daily medicaments and hygienic things’ – pointed out the parade of brides’ co-organizer Serhii Denysenko.

‘However, we always count on something bigger – another parade of brides’ co-organizer Fedor Sandor – we will plan the maximum, and then a little bit disappoint. It was not for the first time when we had to give money from our own pockets. But this is noble’.

The parade organizers have purchased refrigerator, electric stove, diapers and medicines to the children’s hospital for the past 4 years. Several innovations were introduced this year. Firstly, volunteer-girls collected charitable funds in the city center since the morning, secondly, it was decided to count money together with journalists at the Press Club. This year’s result of attempt to make children happier -1502.91 hryvnia. 

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