Palanok Castle invites to attend the wedding of Ilona Zrinyi and Imre Thokoly

The wedding of 39-year-old Zrinyi and 25-year-old Thokoly took place in the Palanok on June 15, 1682. During 8 days, guests ate 10 bulls, 36 calves, 20 pigs, 80 sheep, four deers, 10 roes, six wild boars, two does, 8 quintals of fish, 50 quintals of honey and sugar. They drank 130 barrels of red and 150 barrels of white wine, 40 barrels of beer and 25 small barrels of Polish vodka.

This is how the wedding in the castle Palanok is described in historical sources. The event, which took place 336 years ago.

This year, the historic reenactment will last for 2 days:

  •  June 16 (Saturday) – wedding ceremony, gun shots, knight jousts, medieval dances and music, medieval cuisine, artisan town, etc.;
  •  June 17 (Sunday) – reenactment of one of the assaults on the Palanok Castle!

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