Overdone: in Khust monuments were spoiled (PHOTOS)

In the capital of Carpathian Ukraine Khust monuments have been badly spoiled. Moreover, they were distorted with the instructions of local authorities, and the "victims" cannot be combined by any single feature – political or ethnic – all of them got spoiled by … ugly acrylic paint. uzhgorod.in photographed the"restored" monuments.

The first of the three "victims" – was Olexander Dukhnovych, writer and public activist, author of the immortal lines "I was Rusin , AM, and always will."  


The monument stands in the city center, in the little square next to the post office and the Greek Catholic cathedral. 


Marble bust now looks very ugly. It seems that before painting it utilities forgot to clean it from dust and debris, because in some places the paint is already swollen and begins to peel.   


‘The same paint – golden yellow – was used it cover the anti-fascist monument to the poet Dmitry Vakarov who died in a concentration camp Natsveyler.


It is made of marble and stands in the so-called "Czech town" of Khust – opposite former high school and now the school number 1.  


А от на пам’ятник воїнам-визволителям жовтої фарби, мабуть, не вистачило. 


Or "restorers" decided that for the soldiers of the Red Army red color should be more appropriate. 


Uzhgorod.in already reported that the initiative Khust authorities was criticized Uzhgorod sculptor Bohdan Korzh . The artist says that for the marble which the first two mentioned busts are made of, and copper (the third) any painting is unacceptable.

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