Ours are the best: “Transcarpathian Legion” won mortar brigades competition (PHOTOS)

The competition for the best mortar brigade among the units of the Joint Forces took place in the Azov region.

During the competition, the soldiers ran an obstacle course, disassembled and assembled Kalashnikov assault rifle, threw a mock hand grenade, fired with mortars and small arms.

Each brigade had only five shells to hit the target.

The unit of the separate mountain assault brigade "Transcarpathian Legion" was the best in the first group of 82 mm mortars.


"The targets were almost 2,000 meters away. And for 120mm mortar brigades, it was a 15 meters circle with a target in the center. Accordingly, for 82mm mortar brigades, the circle was reduced to 10 meters. This, by the way, was the highlight of this competition," – Colonel Bogdan Soyushkin, the Chief of the Joint Forces Artillery said.



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