Our Oleksandr Mavrits is doing two films at once

The film company "Pronto Film" with the support of the State Film Committee of Ukraine has recently started shooting the adventure historical drama "Dovbush". The co-writer and director of the movie is Oles Sanin, the producer is Maxim Asadchy, the director of photography is Serhiy Mikhalchuk. The actors are Serhiy Strelnikov (Oleksa Dovbush), Oleksii Hnatkovsky (Ivan Dovbush) and Dasha Plakhtiy (Marichka). The film also features a leading actor of the Transcarpathian Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater Oleksandr Mavrits.

О.Мавріц (зліва) фільм Довбуш

Oleksandr Mavrits debuted in movies last year as the head of the concentration camp, Major Vasyl Abramov in the Ukrainian historical film "Red".   

And in "Dovbush", our actor plays the husband of the main character Marichka – Stefan Dzvinchuk.  

Зйомки тривають Довбуш

Moreover, Oleksandr Mavrits is also shooting another film about Ilovaysk – 2014 and the "Donbas" battalion, which is directed by Ivan Tomenchuk, the director of photography is Oleksandr Zemlyanoy, the writer is Mykhailo Brynykh. In the telephone conversation, the actor admits that it is not too difficult to switch from one role to another. "I have some breaks in the schedule for 1-2 days," – he adds. The shooting is taking place in different regions of Ukraine.

О.Мавріц зліва Ілловайськ
О.Мавріц Ілловайськ
О.Мавріц у центрі Ілловайськ

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